Saturday, 23 April 2011

Смена оргкомитета CEE-SECR. Команда 2011

Как и обещали в первом посте, представляем команду CEE-SECR 2011. Но для начала - небольшое историческое отступление. Как известно, конференция прогаммистов всея Руси CEE-SECR уходит корнями в 2005 год: именно в этом году родилась эта замечательная конференция. За эти годы много хороших людей посвятили ей свое время и душу. Подробнее об этапах большого пути можно почитать на сайте в разделе об истории конференции. Мы же остановимся на том, что обычно остается за кадром.

В 2011-м году оркомитет полностью поменялся. Председателем всей конференции, включая программный комитет, стал Николай Пунтиков (в 2010-м - со-председатель программного комитета), а председателем оргкомитета - Елена Маткевич. Основа команды сформировалась из компаний Internet Help и Stem Agency. Иногда лучше всего о людях говорят их лица, поэтому приводим несколько "неформальных", в духе нашего блога, фотографий команды CEE-SECR 2011.

Итак, команда CEE-SECR 2011!

Борис, копирайтер и координатор работы с докладчиками, и Макс - вебмастер
Николай Пунтиков, председатель CEE-SECR 2011
(Фото Ильи Пономарева)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Would you consider attending a conference in Moscow?

Our conference positions itself as Central and Eastern European. But the geography of its visitors is much wider. We've analyzed some data of CEE-SECR 2010.

As we can see, the biggest part (87%) is Russia, two other largest groups are Ukraine and Belarus. Sadly, there were not many participants from other parts of Europe and none from the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. One of the Latvian colleagues suggested that one of the reason could be the necessity to obtain a Russian visa.

We decided to find out what really stops people and open a LinkedIn discussion "Would you consider attending a conference in Moscow, Russia, and why?" without naming our conference. Honestly, we expected people to start speaking out all their fears, but they did not. The only person who did, was a Russian guy living in Moscow. Here are some other answers we got:
"Absolutely I would, because it is a beautiful and intriguing city with a magnificent history."
"I would definitely consider as i haven't visited Moscow."
"Yes I would because its somewhere I've not been and the fact that it is a little more obscure in many respects makes it all the more appealing. Things that might put people off (though not myself) are the preconception that it is an expensive place to visit, language may be a barrier to some and the stories of organised crime."
There were also some private answers giving some useful advices on attracting international crowd to our event and even offering help at no cost.

This was quite inspiring, but it also means that we still have lots of misunderstanding and misjudgements about each other and reasons behind the deeds. We thought people are not coming because of their fears, but the real reason could be that they simply are not informed and not helped enough with travel arrangements. Well, the latter is easy to fix, as many travel agencies would be happy to help. And the informing people is also up to to our strengths :)

So, guys, if you'd like to have some good time in Moscow this November - the answer is Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia.

This is Moscow, the shot was made last year after the SECR 2010:
Moscow in November

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Starting SECR blog

Dear all,
this post starts the Blog of Software Engineering Conference in Russia (aka SECR). The 2011 conference is already the 7th one. This year the organizing committee has changed completely. A new team has being created and we are happy to try ourselves in this noble business :) A little later I will introduce our team members.

And yes, feel free to visit our newly refurbished website (the alias is

Here are some photos from 2010 conference:

Professor Andrey N. Terehov

At the conference foyer

Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ creator